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Clouds & Satellites w/ Nikko Raptoulis

Cover | $12

The Side Project to End All Side Projects.


Markus Kuhlmann - drums, percussion, mandolin, harmonica

Tim Warren - guitar, bass, keyboards

Stu Harmening - guitar, dobro

Matt Garappolo - guitar, bass

Josh Cook - keyboards

Clouds & Satellites is an indie band from Savannah, GA. that strays in and out of a number of genres that make up modern indie.  Tim Warren and Markus Kuhlmann (formerly of Hazel Virtue and The Trainwrecks, currently of Waits & Co. and Nightingale News) started Clouds & Satellites as a two piece that played breaks during Train Wrecks shows. Next to join was Stu Harmening (Train Wrecks) and Matt Garappolo (formerly of the Trustees and Philly band The One And Only Typicals). Josh Cook (McLEOD) just recently began jamming with the band. This will be his first show with the band.

Clouds & Satellites Bandcamp

Header photo courtesy of John Waits / jwaitsphoto

Nikko Raptoulis


There’s no shortage of familiar concepts in the songs written by Nikko Raptoulis. Struggle, sacrifice, love, loss, growth, tension, heartbreak, humor, wit, longing, anger, all with a pinch of the rebellious and a helpful serving of vocal primal scream therapy intermingled with almost Bi-polar worthy piano ballads written with tears on the paper. “I end up incorporating everything I’ve ever heard consciously and un-consciously into my writing. Some days I’m listening to Bob Dylan and get the bug in me to do my best emulation of him, with my own take on it. Or say I hear “Desperado” or “Hey Jude” and I’m all about a piano tune then. I’ve even written hip-hop beats and might have a few, never to see the light tracks where I’m rapping (with a smirk). I love it open and spontaneous.”

Perhaps the biggest challenge has been narrowing down a particular genre to focus his writing. Admittedly, Nikko hasn’t had the heart to let his enjoyment of writing music of all colors and styles fade in favor of the consistency within a genre. “The fear of missing out on someone connecting to something I’ve written because I’m trying to fit a genre stylistically makes me wary of considering myself a pop, a rock, a blues, a jazz, or a singer/songwriter. I feel If I draw from something real and write from my heart, the song will by inevitably find it’s own genre. I want it to sound like me!” 

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