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Clouds & Satellites w/ Isaac Smith: Presented by Angel's Envy

Tickets | $10


"Clouds & Satellites is a band that has four songwriters with varying influences. However, we have a healthy respect and appreciation of each others styles. Those influences are tied together in one way or another. So, that allows any song that person or co-writer feels strong enough about to bring to the band. It's freaking exciting and creative to say the least. Never a dull moment. It seems like nearly every rehearsal one or more of us has new songs to introduce or work on. Like Matt said a few months ago. 'We're either the most creative band or the one with the shortest attention span....' Ho ho!"

About the song posted below:

"This is a song that just came out. Simple and quick. A few adult pops into an evening while playing my guitar I was mindlessly strumming and thinking about something else and just started singing along. It felt like here we go. This is something. Quickly stopped and hit record so I wouldn't lose what was starting. I mention this because in the rush of creating a new song I'm more likely to let my feelings go and do something I wouldn't otherwise do. For example, the outro of this song uses the chorus chords and has a time or tempo change not sure which or maybe neither. It's a different feeling for sure while using different lyrical phrasing as well. It's much less likely to happen, be remembered or even noticed if I continue to work on it that night or later if I don't hit record. Plus the words or phrases that come out freely can be a pleasant surprise. It's easy to get melody and lyric lock after that."

Tim Warren- writer of this song, vocals, guitar

Markus Kuhlmann- mandolin, harmonica, drums, vocals

Stu Harmening- dobro

Matt Garappolo- bass, vocals


Born and raised in Atlanta, GA of his father's church, there is no denying his southern influence. Filling in from a young age on any instrument that was needed in that lively pentecostal church, he quickly began molding his musical roots in black gospel and hymns. It was clear through his youth, he was being groomed to be a musical figure in the church world but like many of us, he realized there was more to life and more to faith than “church”. 

After relocating to Savannah, GA, his rediscovery of his faith and his music began. He never thought as himself as a writer but in 2014, he wrote his first EP titled ‘Magnolia Bloom”. Writing became something as equal to playing instruments for people and definately more fulfilling than singing and playing covers at the local bars. 

Being raised in a setting where he was sheltered from certain music, he has been overwhelmed with music that he has missed and even at times made fun of because of his lack of knowledge in music pop culture. While he takes in, loves and listens to many genres and artist now, it seems that although he lost it, his southern rock, folk, and american roots have found him. 

Still residing in Savannah, he continues to write and play with the intension of bringing honesty and kindness with his songs to venues he plays. In the midst of a world that seems to be filled with controversy and hate, his desire is to bring individuals together even for a moment with laughter, kindness, humility, and likeness to advocate what he feels to be the start of all progress, which is to be kind, be real, and be you.

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