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Cranford Presents "The Motion Conspiracy"

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I got lost one winter in a tiny house in East Lansing, Michigan. I had followed a girl to the center of the state for a relationship that didn’t last very long. After I landed a job and secured some housing she left me for a younger gentleman. I had no other connections in the city and not a lot of capitol to break my lease. I spent a majority of that winter in the spare bedroom of 506 East Gunson Street in front of a dell laptop with a recording software program called Ableton live. I labored intensely over my little project late every night with no roommates or girlfriends to disturb. This was long before my arrival in the South and the sounds and songs of that record are something I still cherish.

I didn’t know anything about recording or songwriting but I spent hundreds of hours trying to figure how to make a record. Some of those songs went on to become bigger successes like “She Gone” and “Patience”, but a majority of the record was never played live and most likely never heard by anyone except me and the twelve fans I had on Band Camp. On October 20th with the help of some friends I want to present this record along with some new material in a very direct format, live and on stage at The Roasting Room in Bluffton, South Carolina. It’s been ten years since some of these tracks have been unpacked but I’m hoping they will be just as familiar now as they did then and I want all of you to join me on this little journey down memory lane.

- John Cranford

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