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Jason Bieler (Of Saigon Kick)

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I was born at a very early age, poor and ½ Jewish… much like Sammy Davis JR. Music became my obsession when I was unceremoniously kicked off the Chinese National Gymnastic team for lack of flexibility and not being “Chinese enough.”

I’ve learned a few things over the course of my 30+ year career as an artist, writer, producer, manager, label owner and world renown hand model*.

My story includes being thrown out of Atlantic records for harassing Mick Jagger. Having the LAPD SWAT team called on me for urinating in the lobby of a posh Hollywood hotel while playing a particularly emotionally stirring rendition of Journey’s “Faithfully” on the piano. Athletic achievements such as arriving at the 12th floor of the Riot House on Sunset by free-climbing the outside of the building. Nearly being rendered homeless by Jonah Hill’s father and being thrown out of Dan Tana’s restaurant by Dabney Coleman.

It includes the development of Skindred, A Silent Film, Nonpoint, Will Haven, Karnivool, SikTh and much more. It has appearances by J-Lo and Justin Bieber, Butch Walker and Chris Carrabba, Don Gilmore and New Found Glory, even Marilyn Manson and Michael Douglas. 

It includes platinum and gold success, world travels, tragedy, heartbreak, stupidity and epic buffoonery on a grand scale sprinkled with moments of sheer *artistic brilliance.    (*artistic license) 

What I enjoy most is being creative and being a songwriter. About 2-3 years ago I decided to focus on what brought me the most joy and happiness and eliminate anything that didn’t serve that purpose.




 Doug Marshall

Doug Marshall

 Sonny Bond

Sonny Bond

Hailing from Hilton Head, South Carolina, Akilavue is comprised of a group of musicians that found a common musical thread amidst their very different experiences and backgrounds. With a raw, in-your-face, rock sound, the band displays an energy and drive that can only come from the melding of the unique backgrounds of it’s individual members. From the Southern-styled rock background of guitarist, Sonny Bond, to the seasoned jazz experience of Davey Masteller, the thundering metal influence of drummer, Doug McCarthy, and the raw powerful vocals of Doug Marshall, Akilavue is sure to strike a chord with music-lovers of all varieties.

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