J Edwards - Acoustic

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Born in Arkansas, J Edwards spent most of his childhood traveling the states with his evangelist father and singing family. He grew up performing a variety of instruments, depending on what was needed at the nightly church services. After touring on his own within the Christian music industry, J Edwards found solace in playing the blues at small clubs and juke joints across the country.

A catalog of songs and a raspy singing voice were his tools in forging a long-term career as a singer-songwriter in Nashville. The new music scene shaped his genre into something between country-rock and blues; from ballads to rockers, his tunes evolved beyond his small town roots.

In Edwards' most recent project "Heroes," he honors veterans, active military and their families with what he considers his most meaningful and important piece of work yet. Always working on the next installment, J Edwards can be found in the studio, writing room or on tour.