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Matthew Mayes (of Jupiter Coyote)




Matthew B. Mayes  is the co founder of the popular Jam rock band Jupiter Coyote. As the principle songwriter and multi instrumentalist for the band for the past 24 years, his songs are filled with eclectic charters, heartache, and soul searching while musically running the gamut from rock, southern boogie, bluegrass and country rock. He has been playing music for over 35 years, played over 4500 shows and sold over a half a million records and downloads independently while traveling all over the US and beyond;  writing cult hit Coyote favorites like Crazy Women, Rose Hill,  Ship In The Bottle, Real Thing, and Becky along the way.

On June 3rd, Matt released his first two solo records, “American Idle,” and “More Than Folklore.” The albums were recorded and mixed in his home studio in Brevard , NC. “American Idle” is more of a rock album while “More Than Folklore” is more on the country, acoustic side. A new project called “The Raptor Trail,” will have a late summer release. More of a progressive hard rock project, the group consist of Matt on all lead vocals, guitars, and Guijo, John Meyer on Guitar and vocals, and Gene Bass on drums.

His songs have been in films, commercials, and TV programs.  True to the independent spirit, Matt also handles all the business operations for JC as well as other acts through his MBM Entertainment LLC. His business models are touring based and it is rare to find management that can say they have actually been on the artist/touring side. He is a music guy on all levels with a comprehensive knowledge of the business and a road tested perspective.