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Painter & Poet (Full Band)

Tickets | $5


Painter & Poet is a husband and wife duo who will fill your ears with soulful songs full of relatable wisdom and heart warming hope. After their own genuine touches, you can hear influences from JohnnySwim, The Head And The Heart, and maybe even some old Texas Blues where they originate from.  William and Anna Cusack were born and raised in Texas, but met each other in Savannah, GA. They quickly fell in love, got married, and decided to form the band together.  The couple currently resides in Savannah, but dream of moving back to Texas and then traveling the US to share their music and newly release album in person.  They strongly believe in fostering the musical experience by creating a reverence for live performances.  They craft their show strategically to fully entertain their audiences with their array of instruments, talents, and their diverse songs.