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Painter & Poet

Painter & Poet is a four piece band made up of William (guitar/piano/vocals) and Anna Cusack (saxophone/vocals), Jalen Reyes (drums/vocals), and Grant Srikoetkruen (bass), who will fill your ears with soulful songs brimming with relatable wisdom and heart warming hope. They strive for everyone to be able to take away something from their music, whether that be enlightenment or a catchy tune. The band puts their whole heart and soul in their songs as they craft them together. After their own genuine touches, you can hear influences from JohnnySwim, The Head And The Heart, and maybe even some old Texas Blues. 

Husband and wife, William and Anna Cusack, were born and raised in Texas, but met each other in Savannah, GA. They quickly fell in love, got married in 2014, and immediately decided to form the band together. The couple later met Jalen and after a year or two of playing together, Jalen joined the duo. The trio quickly became a four member band as they added on Grant Srikoetkruen to the team in 2016. The band currently resides in Savannah, GA, but hopes to move west to find unreached ears and more shows to play. Painter & Poet has a recent project available with new songs and instruments that will give you all the feels as they showcase each member’s talents in different forms. The band wanted to capture their raw talent and energy as much as possible, so they decided to track about everything together in one take in the couple’s home studio. 

Collectively, Painter & Poet strongly believes in fostering the musical experience by creating a reverence for live performances. They craft their show strategically to fully entertain their audiences with their array of instruments, talents, and diverse songs. You may be crying in the middle of their set and possibly dancing at the end. They hope to never disappoint and always strive to perform with excellence, even if its a crowd of one.


Chicago boy and Michigan girl get married! They have a handsome baby and then make sweet music together. As Husband & Wife is combining the music of formerly Andrea (Rizzo) and Geno Miller to create a unique blend of songs inspired by their faith, love, pain and hope. Join them as they travel through the messiness of life and the creative process. Their desire is to inspire and relate to their fans across all ages. As Husband & Wife is so much more than just music but a team set out to change the world through their giftings.

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