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Stratus Entertainment presents: Sarah Poole, Pretty Artillery and STACE

Tickets | $12


Trained singer, prolific songwriter, and avid performer Sarah Poole is a natural born musician from Savannah, Georgia. A self-taught guitarist, Sarah draws inspiration from the nineties grunge scene she grew-up in. Following artists such as Jewel, Alanis Morissette, and Natalie Merchant, Sarah crafts her music based on her personal experiences and relationships. From up-beat, folkish tunes to solemn, reflective ballads, and even to rock-out exclamatory songs, Sarah has an expansive array of works that she has been writing since she was a teenager. A known personality in the Savannah music scene, Sarah has two EP’s under her belt as well as a few wins in several songwriter competitions. She currently lives in the Savannah area and aspires to become a full-time musician.

Here in the Lowcountry of South Carolina, deep rooted in strong tradi on and even stronger people, hails a hidden gem. Her name is Samee Cannon-- a singer/ songwriter who will have you hooked after hearing one note sang and a er one glance.

Samee's voice and charisma are matched by her energy and beauty, which compliments her drive and passion towards being heard in an industry that is saturated with normalcy. She is hands down the voice of a new movement in country music, getting back to the roots of soulful and powerful music matched by the same in personalities.

Samee has recently finished up her debut album which is loaded with song a er song of hooks and hits. She was recorded at Hybrid Audio Solutions in Charleston, South Carolina, with production and engineering by Alan Price and Scott Gould. Her album "Pretty Artillery" is expected to make some waves and will be recognized by many for the simple fact that it is a complete album filled with stories, melodies and heart. 

The juxtapositions of Stacy Mattox Pandya, also known as the artist STACE, are familiar to anyone who knows her.  She is an autobiographical song writer committed to fearless honesty with a distinct writing and singing voice that ranges from delicate and tender to raw, powerful and emotional.  In 2013, she was discovered by her manager, Doug Marshall, and executive producer, Alan Price.    
STACE prefers the quiet life of a writer most and flies under the radar only playing a few intimate shows per year.  Last winter she headlined a female singer songwriter show to rave fan reviews.  She is classically trained in both piano and voice, yet describes herself as self taught.  She attributes most of her education to the Grammy Award winning "Miseducation of Lauryn Hill" and describes Miseducation as the greatest lesson trained musicians can learn.  The legendary singers and writers she looks up to most exemplify total confidence, devastating vulnerability, the gifts of imperfection, fragility and power, grace and weakness, seriousness and laughter all at the same time.  The way of the soul singer is understanding this.
The juxtapositions of STACE go very deep.  For years, while writing painful, soulful ballads withdrawn from the public eye, hurting and soul searching, she was also becoming a commercial jingle writer.  She is the voice and spokeswoman for many national commercial ad campaigns representing global companies such as Toyota,, Clear Channel Radio, Simon Malls and many more.  From balladeer to jingle writer, STACE is a writer first and a singer second.