You have questions, we have answers.

Q: Where is the Roasting Room, geographically speaking?

A: 1297 May River Rd. Bluffton, SC 29910.  We're on the second floor directly above the Corner Perk coffee shop on the corner of Calhoun St and May River Rd (Highway 46) in the heart of downtown Bluffton.

Q: Where can I find parking in Old Town Bluffton?  

A: As a local, we say "good luck".  Though, after a quick trip around the neighborhood you'll see there are plenty of places to park within walking distance of the venue.  The hidden-in-plain-site parking lot is Cornerstone Church (across the street).  They've opened up their parking lot to the public for parking.  May River Rd, Calhoun St, Hwy 46, etc. all have on-street parking.  It's not a bad walk, and you'll find a spot (eventually).

Q: Your venue's on the second floor.  I can't climb stairs.  How can I attend a show?

A: Local building code does not require multi-level venues to install lift systems or elevators, so we didn't put one in.  However, we will help you up the stairs if you're remotely capable.  For possible accommodations, email Jordan at roastingroom@gmail.com.

Q: Do I need a purchase a ticket before I arrive?

A: It's advised to buy a ticket in advance, especially if you’d like a comfortable place to sit.  However, if the show isn't sold out you can purchase tickets at the door with cash or credit card.

Q: I'd like to reserve a section for myself and 3 others.  What should I do?

A: Purchase your section(s) before you arrive via our super-convenient website ticketing system.  Simply click on the show you'd like to attend, select the section(s) you'd like via the drop down menu, and purchase with confidence.  HERE'S THE ROOM LAYOUT

Q: I bought tickets (I think), but I didn't see a confirmation email, and it didn't seem like it went through.  Help!

A: Email Jordan at roastingroom@gmail.com and he'll get you squared away.

Q: What's a listening room?  I'm out with my friends, am I allowed to converse with them during the show?

A: Think of our room like you would a movie theater that sells bourbon at the concession stand.  We've meticulously crafted the event space for great acoustics, we hire expert sound engineers to run the show, we sell tickets, and we bring in artists from around the country (and the world) to perform in the room.  Sure, it's fun to go hang out with your friends and catch up with the past week's craziness.  For those conversations, we welcome you to have a seat on our porch and converse to your heart's content.  While inside, we ask for your respect of the artist and the people around you by refraining from talking excessively.

Q: Will you kick me out if I can't control my chattiness?

A: We'll politely ask you to finish your conversation on the porch outside and return with a quieter disposition out of respect for the artist and those around you.

Q: Do you serve food?

A: No.  At this time we do not serve food.  In the future, probably.

Q: Can I guarantee a place to sit?

A: The only way you can absolutely 100% guarantee yourself a reliable place to sit is to reserve a section online in advance.  Any other method is not guaranteed.

Q: I see there is a section over there that's not reserved.  Can I sit in that section during the show?

A: Yes.  Sections that go unsold the night of the show become first-come, first-served.  Your friendly admissions liaison (person seated by the entrance checking you off the door list or taking your money in exchange for a wristband) will suggest any open sections for you and your party upon your arrival. If you're feeling risky and want to chance scoring an open section, you're welcome to try the night of the show, though THERE IS A BETTER WAY.

Q: What's a "Standing Room Section"?  Will I have any place to sit?

A: The standing room sections are just that; standing-room-only areas. What they will feature is a handy drink rail. Pro Tip: Though General Admission tickets are standing room tickets, there are 16 bar stools along the bar and back of the bench on the side of the stage. If you get in the room early enough, you’ll get a place to sit.

Q: I purchased a section in advance and was really psyched about the show, but tonight I don't feel well.  Can I get a refund?

A:  This is a tricky one for us for a variety of reasons.  Without getting too deeply into the subject of ticket counts, agency agreements, door splits, band guarantees, etc. when a ticket is purchase the patron is counted and the sale is reported to the band management.  If we refund a ticket, we have to not only give you your money back but then give the agency their share.  In other words, we can't refund your ticket because we'd lose twice.  So, if you get sick and can't attend a show, feel free to find someone to take your place.  We'll gladly change the name on your reservation to someone else.  For particular questions about this, email Jordan at roastingroom@gmail.com.

Q: I have a large group coming in to town and I'd like to host a catered event at your venue.  Who do I contact?

A: Kali Cooke at cornerperkcatering@gmail.com

Q: Your venue posters are great!  I want one!

A: Email Jordan at roastingroom@gmail.com and he'll let you know how to make those dreams come true.