041 // Matthew B. Mayes of Jupiter Coyote

In this episode, Jordan talks with Matthew B. Mayes, the co-founder, principle songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist of Jupiter Coyote, about 30 years on the road, taking time for yourself, and the future of the jam band.

In the course of their 27-year history, Jupiter Coyote has played over five thousand shows, traveled everywhere and done just about everything a touring band can do. The innovative group has independently sold close to a million CDs, tens of thousands of downloads, and who knows how many bootlegs they cut loose to fans for free. JC is brand name, and a pioneering cornerstone in the jam band scene. They have been called the new twist in southern rock and they deliver it with a relaxed, worldly view. Their sound has been labeled “Mountain Rock” — a mixture of Southern Appalachian boogie, bluegrass-infused, funk-rock.