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NOTE: Shows left unlisted will be resold to the public. See Exceptions/Provisos below for more information.


1) PREVIOUS PURCHASE: If you purchase your table for a quarter and the table was previously reserved on an individual show basis by another party prior to your purchase, the other party takes precedence.  This will become a non-issue as we get deeper into the selected quarter.

2) RETRIEVAL: If your table is released by you via email and purchased by another individual, it cannot be returned to you.  If your table goes unsold after release, it will become general admission seating for the evening.  You may retrieve your table under TWO conditions: 1) The table is unsold at the time of the scheduled door open 2) Your retrieval is at least 5 days before the show date.  We reserve the right to refuse table retrievals if the aforementioned conditions are not met.

3) TRANSFERENCE: Your season tickets ARE NOT for resale by anyone but us (Roasting Room Productions).  Reselling your season tickets to the general public is grounds for immediate termination of your status.  Of course, you may invite friends to sit with you at your table WITH YOU, and they can certainly pay you for their share if they so choose.  During the course of your quarter, you may allow your table to be used by friends/clients THREE times in the event that you personally cannot attend a show.  Inso-doing, you are responsible for their actions.  See point 4 for further details. 

4) REMOVAL: We reserve the right to remind you and your party at any time to be respectful to the artist and those around you and your party if your party becomes too talkative/unruly/intoxicated/violent/etc.  If an issue arises involving a season ticket holder, every effort will be made to retain the status as such, yet know that no one is above the rules of the room.  Season tickets can be revoked if a major issue arises.